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Sawn Sandstone Patio

Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

The customer from Hiltingbury in Chandlers Ford wanted a new patio that would allow them to access there garden from from any location in the house, without having to walk on grass. They wanted to extend the patio up into the garden as this was where the sun was throughtout the day. They wanted to use a modern smooth paving material and decided that sawn sandstone had all the right attributes they required. 

Completed sawn sandstone patio in Chandlers Ford


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11 Sep 17 05:21 pm

@BrockstoneEst99 Salvia sylvestris "Marcus" would be better. Superba would get to big against the olive trees

11 Sep 17 05:17 pm

@BrockstoneEst99 Santolina chamaecyparissus interplanted with salvia superba I think would look nice.

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